Fail and Error! Unable to generate Contract Bytecode and ABI Verify & Publish Contract Source Code in BSCSCAN

Hello everyone, I need some help with verifying and publishing contract source code on BscScan. I've been trying to do this for days, but I keep encountering an error: "Unable to generate Contract Bytecode and ABI." Please help me fix this issue. Thank y

I understand how frustrating it can be to encounter issues while trying to verify and publish contract source code on BscScan. Please chat me to discuss more. I can help you

Hey Brent_cheng
What is your tg?

Hello Mr. Brent Cheng,
Thank you for helping me. I would like to send you some information via chat. Could you please provide me with a way to contact you?

well, please share your contact info. Then I will contact you

my Telegram:

Thank you

I had verified your smart contract on BSC testnet.
Please check this link

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