Error in TimelockController contract

hello people, how are you?
I'm trying to use openzeppelin Governor contract along with TimelockController. The problem is that when I try to use the execute function of the Governor's contract I get the following error: Error: Returned error: VM Exception while processing transaction: revert TimelockController: operation is not ready -- Reason given: TimelockController: operation is not ready.
Do you have any idea what this error could be? because the error for me is not very clear

Hey @Leo1
can you please share the tx link?

I think you can check in the contract, it does not meet the requirement:

function isOperationReady(bytes32 id) public view virtual returns (bool ready) {
    uint256 timestamp = getTimestamp(id);
    return timestamp > _DONE_TIMESTAMP && timestamp <= block.timestamp;

I was running on "develop truffles" so there is no real tx

I'm a bit of a beginner, with these contracts, but this paramatro id is the proposal id?

It does not matter, follow the requirement to check, one step at a time.

And there are some test case for this contracts, maybe you can have a look: openzeppelin-contracts/TimelockController.test.js | OpenZeppelin/openzeppelin-contracts