Any example of staking contract for erc-1155 nfts?

I am currently looking to make a staking smart contract that rewards users for staking their erc-1155.
is there any examples available for reference ? so i can learn from that ? or any other guide/article that i should take a look at ?

Thank You

Hello @swarggod.eth

Managing ERC1155 tokens should be very similar to ERC721, so any mechanism might be easily reproducible.

I don't have example of ERC1155 staking that I can point to, but I know about this contract that as an ERC1155 receive handler, and uses it to migrate tokens and mint 721 when 1155 are received. This might provide some help.

Ahh thats very helpful thank you !!
and is it possible to make something like stake one type of erc-1155 and receive another type of erc-1155 instead of erc-20 tokens as rewards

Thanks again !!