Advantages of the ERC-1155 token versus ERC-721 token for intellectual property?

Im more then interested to know more how about the advantages of the ERC-1155 token versus ERC-721 token, especially because we want to use it for intellectual properties instead of games. Who could guide us?

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Hi @dickvangelder,

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ERC1155 is a multi token standard and includes batch functionality. See the OpenZeppelin documention for more details:

Note, ERC721 still has greater ecosystem support.
The current list of transfers shows it used in games, collectible items, as well as domain names and artwork.

It depends on your use case and how you are tokenizing the IP. If IP is non-fungible, then you could use either ERC721 or ERC1155. If some IP is fungible then you would be better off using ERC1155.

Feel free to ask questions and provide additional information if you can.

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