Difference between OpenZeppelin CLI and ZeppelinOS for upgradeable smart contracts

Trying to learn more about writing upgradeable smart contracts and getting a bit confused.
What is the difference between the CLI procedures described here and Zeppelin OS which doesn’t seem to be mention in the Documentation section? Are they related?
Where should my starting point be?

Hi @guiguy,

I’ve also been researching upgradeable contracts more recently. I’d recommend the OpenZeppelin docs on Upgrades to learn more about how the CLI uses this upgradeable library of contracts under the hood.

If you aren’t familiar with the OpenZeppelin CLI, you should follow the steps here first to get familiar with it before using it for your own upgradeable contracts.

I’m not sure what you mean by Zeppelin OS though. OpenZeppelin tools, including the CLI, should work on any operating system.

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Hi @guiguy & @Jshanks21

OpenZeppelin SDK which includes OpenZeppelin Upgrades plus OpenZeppelin CLI used to be called ZeppelinOS.

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ok, thanks for the clarification.