We’re changing the company name from Zeppelin to OpenZeppelin

Since 2015, we’ve built the most popular library for smart contract development, worked with the best firms in the space in security audits, and began creating a development platform for decentralized applications, following our purpose of building technology to bring freedom to the world.

We were lucky to get traction, position our brand in the space and build an amazing community around it. We conducted every initiative with a different name, using the Zeppelin word to tie them all together. At some points, things got a bit messy.


We’ve been using the Zeppelin word to tie our products together, but that seems to have created even more confusion. We had OpenZeppelin, ZeppelinOS and ZepKit, and some people missed that there was a single team and community behind them.

Also, the Zeppelin Solutions name made it look like we were a consulting-first company. While we do offer security consulting services, we are a technology-first company. Doing security audits is part of our company strategy to build our brand, work with and learn from the best firms in the space, and have revenues to grow the business.

Finally, we also had overlapping communication channels, making it even harder for everyone to understand what Zeppelin is as an umbrella organization. At the end of the day, it was hard for users, community and clients to narrow down the concept of what Zeppelin is and what it does.


By talking to users and community members, we realized OpenZeppelin was our most recognizable brand – some of you call us as “the OpenZeppelin folks”. Given all of this, and to help maintain a cohesive and coherent brand as we grow our offering, we decided to change the company name to OpenZeppelin.

This way, our products and services are easier to understand under the same clear structure:

  • OpenZeppelin is now OpenZeppelin Contracts
  • ZeppelinOS is now OpenZeppelin SDK
  • ZepKit is now OpenZeppelin Starter Kits
  • Audits is now OpenZeppelin Security Audits

This would be reflected in the forum categories as well, which will be renamed accordingly. We hope this is also a step towards a more cohesive and inviting community.

So, what do you think? I’d love to hear your thoughts :slight_smile:


I think it’s a great idea :slight_smile: Now the naming will be more consistent. And it will be clear for all people how many great project you implement :rocket:


In my humble opinion, ZeppelinOS was kind of misleading in several cases. I always read “OS” as “Operating System”. And in terms of what ZeppelinOS really is, it never have been an operating system.
SDK is the right wording, the right approach how to name it. Congratulations on your rebranding! Well done.


@itinance I like the new names too.


This is a fantastic decision! Clarifies things quite a bit.

@abcoathup That “:zap: Zeppelin Team” tag should probably reflect the change, eh? :wink:


Hi @CallMeGwei good spot. I have updated.

:zap: OpenZeppelin Team” would look great after your name :smile:. We are looking for a Part Time Technical Writer

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@abcoathup I haven’t rule out an application to get that spiffy tag… just wrapping up Truffle University and the project I started there.

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I’m very pleased to hear this. Looking forward to getting a new OpenZeppelin sticker at DevCon :slight_smile:


Looking forward to see you there! :slight_smile:

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