Developer wanted to create Smart Contracts for Soulbank


We are looking for a developer/s to help create the smart contracts for a private ERC 1155 NFT marketplace at

The Soulbank has been creating high quality 3D assets for over 2 years, our goal is to help fuel the metaverse by delivering lifelike assets that can be truly unique, owned, experienced in fully immersive virtual worlds and move between them. We have over 45 assets published and another 300 assets in the pipeline so more than enough to get started !

:computer: Environment
We will be using the Ethereum blockchain and hosting NFT metadata as well as lockable content on IPFS


We would like to create a coin/token that can also be used to mint NFT’s under the same smart contract. The main reason for the coin, in addition to lowering gas fees when used this way, will be to allow for staking so that it can be used to help cover the costs of pinning the core assets on IPFS.

We have been testing the OpenZeppelin smart contracts and are able to create the coin as well as the NFT’s but need help properly merging the two along with providing native IPFS support for metadata and asset storage.

This will be like most standard ERC 20 tokens with staking support and all the advantages that come with the latest OpenZeppelin 4.0 contracts such as Solidity 0.8 / no more safe math and ERC 223/777 support - as well as low gas fees when used in conjunction with our NFT’s.

Our NFT’s include large amount of unlockable content so this data needs to be stored off-chain. The goal is to be able to mint our NFT’s using our Coin. We will store all metadata on IPFS when they are minted to ensure that the tokens are fully decentralized.

We need help publishing both the metdata (public) and core assets (lockable content) for our NFT’s on IPFS whenever tokens are minted. We are using Pinata at the moment but intend to set up our own pinning server as a part of the project (the SoulVault). We need to make sure our pinned content never expires.

The core 3D assets our NFT’s reference will be stored on IPFS in encrypted format. They are encrypted when the tokens are minted via a lock key, and we need an additional smart contract that encrypts the lock key using the owners private key, and that can de-encrypt and re-encrypt the lock key whenever the asset changes hands so the current owner always has access to the key needed to decrypt the asset

We have a more complete specification that we can share on demand with developers who are interested in getting involved. While its a single project we do hope that anyone who gets involved will join our team :slight_smile:

This will be for paid development, and we will use OpenZeppelin to audit the final contracts.

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Hi Karsten,
What you are wanting done is well within my area of expertise and I would be glad to help you out.
You can reach me on
Cheers and Have a great day ahead,

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