Can the metadata for ERC1155 be saved on-chain?

I’m implementing an ERC-1155 contract, and each NFT has a unique value. Can this be saved on-chain, instead having to save the metadata for each token on IPFS ?

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You can add metadata on-chain. You would need to add functionality into the minting process to add metadata and functionality to retrieve metadata. Depending on what metadata you are storing this will increase gas costs during minting. Where possible you should consider keeping as little data on chain as possible due to cost.

The OpenZeppelin Contracts implementation of ERC1155 uses off chain metadata, with one token URI for metadata where clients replace {id} with the actual token ID:

The uri can include the string {id} which clients must replace with the actual token ID, in lowercase hexadecimal (with no 0x prefix) and leading zero padded to 64 hex characters.

This means that token metadata is off-chain and doesn’t support using IPFS hashes for each NFT. To use an IPFS has per NFT you could look at ERC721.

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