Developer Wanted: Online teaching for OpenZeppelin Contracts ERC1155

We want to learn the openzeppelin framework. We are looking for a one-to-one class for 1.5 hours on a daily basis.

Who you are: Ethereum architect with experience on designing applications with ERC1155.

What we need: We want to learn how to design an NFT, how to deploy it on a testnet, how to use a wallet for it and in general how to design an application. We will not work with existing tutorials and we are not interested in front end. Your job is to bring us to a state that we can evaluate for ourselves the architecture of the project we want to build and the technical difficulties.

We offer $USD30 per hour on a daily basis, payable through Ethereum or whatever you want after each class or before the class starts or whatever makes you feel safe and secure.
kindly contact me Phaethon

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Hi @Phaethon,

Thanks for posting, good luck with your search for a teacher.

I appreciate you aren’t looking for a tutorial, but whilst you wait for a teacher, you could look at this simple example: Create an ERC1155.

Thanks, and much appreciated.

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Hello , Is this requirement still open ? If yes, I would like to discuss the same.
I am currently based in Chandigarh, India and am teaching Blockchain to students from US/Canada / Europe & Middle East besides India,


Ashish Kumar

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Hi, this issue is no more relevant. Thanks for replying

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