Solidity ERC-721 Developer Consultant

Hi All,

We're looking for an experienced ERC-721 Solidity developer.

We have a well-developed React dApp (using web3-react), a good development environment - hardhat, IPFS, mocha tests etc., and a good start to with our first NFT contract, but we'd very much like to find someone that can help as a 'second pair of eyes', as well as help with a marketplace contract. Familiarity with the Rarible protocol, and other existing marketplace contracts would be a plus.

We can offer competitive market rates.

Please reply here or via PM with a short description of your experience with Solidity contract development along with current availability.

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Hey @bluu_waters

I would like to assist you with your requirement, please reach me on Skype to discuss further.

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Hi, i have worked in several NFT projects, and im also doing my very own, please contact me on telegram @OCPRobocop so i can share more.