Creating ERC20 contracts - NOOB question

Total NOOB here but im trying to learn.

So i used the zeppelin wizard to create a erc20 token with a supply & ticker. Opened with remix and deployed to testnet- super simple - easy

NEXT- i wanted to create a staking reward contract and use my token i created first for the rewards.

Copied the stakingrewardsfactory.sol into remix
And im having a issue figuring out how to deploy it to the testnet. Specifically due to the multiple - contract.sol files in the run& deploy section. Like im sorta confused on what to do here.

The first contract was simple and it deployed the etherscan just fine.

Sorry total noob trying to learn

Hey @johnsnowman,
can you share the staking contract code please?

Here is the stakingrewardsfactory code im trying to edit