Deploy ERC20 on BSC and list on pancake

Hello, I it's possible to deploy ERC20 on BSC? And pay all the gas fees with BNB? And also upload the erc20 from BSC to pancake swap?

I'm asking this because I'm seeing some play to earn games contracts in bscscan and they are using only erc20 and not bep20! Please checkout the contracts for faraland (it's deployed on BSC, it has got only erc20 contracts and it's uploaded to pancake)

This would be perfect for me, I'm also making a game and eth gas fees are very high right now so for me is not even an option. Also, I'm new building contracts and BEP20 doesn't have a lot of documentation comparing with ERC20.

That's why I would like to deploy ERC20 to BSC and pancake like faraland and many other tokens. Is this possible?

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Actually BEP20 is a fork of ERC20, so yes you can easily use an erc20 token on BSC. Take in mind that if your token has some special features and interact with a router (ie. Uniswap), you must change the router to pancake or any other DEX on bsc

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Thanks Freezy, you're the best!
And could I swap my BSC erc20 token for other bep20 tokens in pancake? For example creating a liquidity pool with BNB(BEP20)/MyERC20token

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yes of course. As soon as you add a pool using BNB / youtoken for istance, your token become tradable