Best Token Template Version for BEP-20 / Pancakeswap tradable Token

Hi guys,

i am very new to the hole Coding for Cryptos.
I need to help a company getting used to ERC-20, or BEP-20 Tokens and i want to program for them a very simple token where you just can send from one Person to another or that this token is tradable on Pancake swap...

O just copy paste some codes from a Tutorial and hope that this is not a Code with a bug or in the end a Scam.

Can you take a look at the Smart Contract on the Test net of BSC:

https:// testnet .bscscan. com/token/0x9c5e7b44a3ba3cf5f5bea73406b26255c6882259

I used a old Solidity version but i dont know if there are some bugs.
I heard that it is more easy to hack some Tokens with old Solidity Versions on Pancakeswap and i heard that some Pools where hacked at Pancakeswap from Coins who had old Versions such as:
https:// bscscan. com/token/0x402246C8a51fb0d6Ce667a10A8E5850cd6800F8F

Is this CatCoinMars token coded with a bug or was it a Fail of the Team that they got hacked at Pancakeswap.

You have a simple template for ERC-20 or BEP-20 Tokens that is 100 % bug and scam free?
I did a token with the help of Ivan on Tech:
https:// testnet.bscscan .com/token/0x9c5e7b44a3ba3cf5f5bea73406b26255c6882259

Can i Use the same code for the Mainnet you can see above or should i take another Template. I have the Template from the Token above from this Video: