Defender Release: Infrastructure as Code, Sentinel matches history, and more

Hello! We're pleased to announce a new Defender release, with the following highlights:

Defender Serverless: Infrastructure as code

You can now manage all your Defender assets through yaml Serverless files. Define autotasks and their secrets, sentinels, notification channels, relayers and their policies, contracts in a simple serverless.yml; then deploy them with a simple terminal command.

This new Defender capability lets you version and audit your whole Defender architecture. Additionally, since you can group your assets in stacks, creating equivalent development, staging and production Defender environments is now almost trivial.

For more details on how to use this powerful new feature, you can go to our Defender Documentation site

Sentinel matches history

You can now inspect your sentinel matches history in Defender's UI. When you navigate to a sentinel's dashboard page, you will see a new See match history button. Clicking this button will take you to the new feature page.

Support for safe and finalized sentinels

Now that the merge is finally a success, you can define Mainnet sentinels with safe and finalized. The safe commitment level is one epoch (i.e. 32 slots) behind the current epoch, and the finalized commitment level is one epoch behind the most recently marked safe block.