Tx don't get through relayer and were marked as pending

We normally use the relayer to send txs to contracts on Polygon mainnet but then, suddenly, the tx don't through and were in the pending transactions. I tried to pause the relayer, unpause, create the new api key, create the new account but none of them worked. It happened on 5th November for the first time and the second time was a few days ago. Can you please inspect. Thank you.

:computer: Environment
relayer on the Polygon mainnet. We normally use backend to trigger the relayer.

:1234: Code to reproduce

Hey @developer12! I'm checking the relayer on the Defender account registered with your same email address as in the forum. I see txs from the 5th were replaced due to expired time-to-live, caused by a partial outage on our end, but every tx after that was processed.

Note that creating new API keys or pausing/unpausing the relayer won't affect transaction resubmission. Defender will automatically keep retrying them based on the pricing policy. And please keep us posted if you experience this again!

Hi @spalladino ,

Appreciate your response, it happens again today for 2 out of 10 txs. May I know the rate limit of how many txs can be sent to relayer in a minute. Thank you.

Will look into it! As for txs throughput, there's a 120txs/hour quota - anything over that gets rejected upon submission.