Crypto Trends 7 September 2020

Crypto Trends

A summary of the crypto trends for the week.

ETH2 Phase 0 is coming

Another genesis test is planned for the end of the month as progress for Phase 0 launch continues. In amongst everything DeFi, Phase 0 launch is coming and will be here before we know it.

Swap cloning

For me sushiswap highlighted issues around moats and alligned incentives.

A decentralized protocol with an open source interface is fortunately/unfortunately very clonable at the code level.
Trust, user brand recognition and community should be big moats and I am excited to see how projects keep building these out.

As for alligned incentives, US$10 million is life changing in many parts of the world and it takes dedicated builders to keep going, so we need to see more lockups/vesting to align success projects with rewards for developers.

MetaMask on Mobile

Our future users are on mobile. It may take a while to get there but mobile dapp browsers are the start of this journey. There are some significant hurdles, such as Apple and Google ensuring that they get their cut of in app purchases for maintaining their app stores, which impacts dapp browsers for the likes of collectibles and games.

Whilst this news might not feel ground breaking, especially for those like me who have been running the mobile Beta for a while. MetaMask is the market leader on desktop and will hopefully see more of the current users try mobile, which will lead to more dapps being mobile friendly, leading to a better welcome for mobile natives.

We should see a transition on mobile from mobile wallet, to mobile dapp browser, to browser app with wallet built in, to native browser with wallet in the OS. We are still at the early days of mobile dapp browser, and have a long way to go.

For detailed news see: Week in Ethereum News, EthHub, The daily GWEI and What’s New in Eth2

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OpenZeppelin are hiring:

Security Platform Developer - a fullstack developer building and launching a new SaaS product focused on operational security for smart contract systems. No Ethereum experience required.

Open Source Developer - a Solidity developer working on our open source tools and libraries, including OpenZeppelin Contracts.


Thanks to the builders, Truffle, Buidler, Etherscan, Infura, MetaMask, Eth Gas Station, Uniswap etc. I use your projects all the time and appreciate all that you do. :pray:

Today’s fun feature is Etherscan’s similar contracts search: