Crypto Trends 25 May 2020


Crypto Trends for the week.

Based on Crypto Twitter, r/Ethereum, along with Week in Ethereum News and EthHub (if they are out on when I compile my report, otherwise I use them to check for things I missed).

Included in my weekly report (Monday :australia:)

Crypto Trends

Uniswap V2

Looking forward to seeing how flash swaps are used

Trust Wallet removing dapp browser from iOS

I am a proponent of mobile first, so it is sad that this could be the beginning of the end (for the first wave) of mobile dapp browsers on iOS. I learnt a lot trying out dapps first on Trust, CipherBrowser and Toshi. I just tried to check out Uniswap V2 on mobile but need to sort out my mobile dapp browser apps. Long term, I believe that storage of keys will be part of operating systems and web3 injection built in to browsers, including mobile

Eth2.0 v0.12 spec

Potential to be the final phase 0 spec

EF funding distribution

Nice to see how the EF cake is being divided

Eth2.0 design philosophy

I think that Ethereum is very lucky that the competing blockchains appeared to have different focus. This gifted time should enable a much better system

Detailed News

For more detailed news of the week see:

Week in Ethereum News


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