Crypto Trends 12 October 2020

Crypto Trends

A summary of the crypto trends for the week.

1 million+ monthly MetaMask users

Congratulations to MetaMask on 1 million+ monthly users. This is a huge achievement and a great indicator on the size of the active community.

MetaMask is adding token swaps (initially on FireFox), making it easy for users and providing a mechanism to monetize.

Hat tip to Evan Van Ness for the official link to the Press Release

The State of Smart Contract Upgrades

Recommended read on the state of Upgrades, worth the time of a cup of tea and a cookie or three. (I am biased).

For detailed news see: Week in Ethereum News, EthHub, The daily GWEI and What’s New in Eth2

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Zinken Genesis

Watch the testnet launch.


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OpenZeppelin are hiring:


Don't approve infinite tokens!

A case for EIP3009