Crypto Trends 31 August 2020

Crypto Trends

A summary of the crypto trends for the week.

Horror story: Generalized frontrunning bots

Great read on the experience of an attempt to not get frontrun by a bot; the monsters (generalized frontrunning bots) are very real.

As an aside, the top highlight in the article was:

Because Iโ€™m a professional DeFi thought leader, I had never actually deployed a contract to Ethereum before.

For anyone who hasn't deployed a contract before, try create an ERC20 on Remix and reach out if you have any issues and I can walk you through.

Additional frontrunning/backrunning resources:

Uniswap Token Lists

Anyone can create a list of tokens, removing the Uniswap gatekeeper.

Scams, fakes, and clones exist and instead of having to rely on a single gatekeeper, you can choose what lists to use, with lists secured by the reputation of the creator.

I hope we see this spread to apps/dapps in the ecosystem using tokens so that more gatekeepers are removed.

Wider still, I'd like to see this approach being used for generalized content filtering (e.g. marketplaces, social media etc).

Buidler multifile verification plugin

The ecosystem currently flattens contracts for verification. I am keen to see multifile verification, as multifile contracts are easier to read and also to identify when a project extends OpenZeppelin Contracts.

Multifile smart contract verification on Etherscan needs to be easy and this Buidler plugin does just that.

For detailed news see: Week in Ethereum News, EthHub, The daily GWEI and Whatโ€™s New in Eth2

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From the archives:

Please contact the team when you are ready to request an audit!



OpenZeppelin are hiring:

Security Services Lead - to lead and continue to build a global team of security researchers.

Security Platform Developer - a fullstack developer building and launching a new SaaS product focused on operational security for smart contract systems. No Ethereum experience required.

Open Source Developer - a Solidity developer working on our open source tools and libraries, including OpenZeppelin Contracts.


It is a challenge for any project that isn't DeFi to operate on mainnet.
I :heart: collectibles, and the xDAI chain, so awesome to see this experiment from Austin Griffith. Draw a Nifty today.

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How can I get a frontrun bot