Crypto Trends 20 April 2020


In my weekly report I include this section on Crypto Trends (Monday :australia:).
I check Crypto Twitter, r/Ethereum, along with Week in Ethereum News and EthHub (if they are out on when I compile my report, otherwise I use them to check for things I missed).

Crypto Trends

ERC777 reentrancy attacks

imBTC attacks on Uniswap and LendfMe

Attack vector on Uniswap:


Reentrancy is a feature:

ERC20 + permit (light weight approve and call mechanism):

Gitcoin Grants Round 5

Gitcoin Grants Round 5 is done.

Lots of discussion around the negative voting experiment (remembering grant recipients are real people)

Collusion (though apparently not in bad faith) in health round:

Mainnet-configuration Eth2 testnet

It’s time to build

Detailed News

For more detailed news of the week see:

Week in Ethereum News


  • OpenZeppelin Contracts with Brownie
  • OpenZeppelin Test Environment with Ganache options
  • Flash-Mintable Asset-Backed Tokens
  • ERC777 exploit by OpenZeppelin


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