Crypto Trends 18 May 2020


Crypto Trends for the week.

Based on Crypto Twitter, r/Ethereum, along with Week in Ethereum News and EthHub (if they are out on when I compile my report, otherwise I use them to check for things I missed).

Included in my weekly report (Monday :australia:)

Crypto Trends

Reddit community points

Reddit mobile app has a wallet for ERC20 tokens on Rinkeby
Great to see this experiment for user adoption;
Disclosure: I currently have 0 moons

Verifiable Randomness by Chainlink

Excited to see what is built onchain with this
Disclosure: I have a Chainlink t-shirt from Devcon in Prague is …

Watch this two and a half minute video of uncorked Austin Griffith awesomeness explaining just what is.
Disclosure: I have some CryptoTogs, some burner wallet NFTs, a NIFTy

CT explains Bitcoin

Vitalik’s explanation was the best that I saw

Detailed News

For more detailed news of the week see:

Week in Ethereum News



The video is amazing!!

1 Like is pure Austin Griffith and the video just sums it all up.

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