Create a contract in CoinTool or PinkSale with 2 charity/marketing wallets

Hello to all.

Thanks in advance for any help you can give me.

I see that in PinkSale or CoinTool I can create a token, but my need is create one with the possibility to determine 2 different marketing/charity wallets.

Any idea where and in which line I should add which code to have 2 marketing/charity wallets?

I understand that in PinkSale my starting point should be a Liquidity Generator Token and in CoinTool a Superdeflationary, but I see no possibility to add new charity/marketing wallets in their platforms without having to touch code.

Thanks again to all.

is Pinksale Legit pls and if a coin is created on the platform is there any way i can see the smart contract, though it auto verified