How to add the developer's wallet, the marketing wallet in the smart contract

Hi everyone !
I would like to transfer a amount of tokens to the developer wallet, as well as to the wallet for marketing, and the founder wallet but I have no idea how to do it. I'm a beginner, please forgive me lol

You want to create a reflationary erc20 token

Nope just a simple token

You can just make a simple token and do a safe transfer to each address

yes manually i can, but i would like to make this transfer directly in the smart contract, do you think it's possible ?

When deploying the contract.
Then you can define a variable of all addresses you need, then when minting instead of onlyowner, you mint to each of the address and set a requirement that it is not higher than the total supply

Okay! Could you write me a sample line of code for different adress, so that I can visualise this?
( I'm not a developer, I'm really struggling to understand how to do this :sweat_smile: )