Cannot not execute or reject the tx through defender, but using multisig works

Tried upgrading a smart contract through Defender on Moonbase. It approved the tx just fine, however, when clicked the execute button it gave "Transaction would revert. Check that permissions, balances, and other function requirements are valid for the transaction you want to run.". The wallets had enough gas token DEV. When tried to reject the tx, it gave the same error, so it was not possible to discard the tx at all. Executing the same pre-approved through defender tx on worked just fine without any revert.

:computer: Environment

Moonbase Alpha


:1234: Code to reproduce

We just had another issue like this on Moonriver. My best guess is that a provider are returning reverts for the eth_estimateGas call when in fact the transaction would not revert. The quickest solution is to try and use a different JSON RPC Provider if possible (changing the one configured in your Metamask or similar wallet).