Cannot Execute Proposal on Moonbase Alpha

Unable to execute proposal on Moonbase Alpha.

:computer: Environment
Executing a proposal after it has been signed.

We have a change admin proposal on moonbase alpha and have validated that the exact same flow works on Mumbai, Fuji, and Fantom Testnet. However, Defender will not let us execute the proposal claiming that it would revert. We believe there is something wrong with Defender blocking execution on moonbase alpha when the transaction would actually succeed (we noticed simulations are also not available.)

Screen Shot 2023-03-29 at 1.13.57 PM

We are also not able to execute a rejection.

Hi Colton,

This error comes from eth_estimateGas and uses the provider injected by the browser (e.g. via Metamask). Often times errors like this come from a flaky provider so if there are alternative providers you could configure in your Metamask, that would be one route to try and debug.

You could also try and estimate gas in a different environment such as hardhat/ethers for the transaction you are proposing to confirm if you are receiving this error there. If so, perhaps you could investigate further to determine why the transaction would revert - perhaps the state of this contract is different from those other networks for instance.

Please let us know if you have nay further issues.