Can you create a BEP20 contract for small fee?

I need BEP20 contract code that I can deploy and learn, I maybe need need tax function (marketing wallet and charity wallet), Mintable, Burnable, Pausable, Ownable, I also need a small guide for how can I change function's value like taxes, supply, token name, token symbol etc.

Can you please help me?

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Yes and What's the pay

Can help you as well and explain how the contract was built.

I go one built already for an established deflationary token

Sure, you can reach me out to telegram @jpytrf
or you can ask me here, you choose.

Yes i can, other hand i can help to for reflection token

You can ask your question about anything to us we have virtual office for STREET MONEY We can help people when we have a time.

A startup or entrepreneur plans to create a BEP20 crypto token, the first thing that strikes in their mind is how much does it cost to create a BEP20 crypto token.

Well, the cost creating BEP20 token is not fixed one it may vary by lot of factors, here i listed some of the important factors

  1. Features of BEP20 token (Mintable, pasuseable)
  2. Number of BEP20 tokens to be created
  3. Creating Smart contract
  4. Choosing the BEP20 token development way
  5. BEP20 token development provider

These are some important cost factors while creating the bep20 token development. Among these, one factor is majorly influencing your BEP20 token development cost that is choosing the BEP20 token development provider. Yes, only reliable BEP20 crypto token development providers can build your bep20 token for a budget friendly price. But choosing such a provider is not an easy task. Not to worry, I'll help you to opt for the best crypto token development service provider. I did my research on the above mentioned quality factors. As a result of my analysis, I came up with one fine solution, CoinsQueens. Yes, CoinsQueens is one of the professional Crypto Token Development Service Providers in the crypto market. Their smart contract developers are experts in creating crypto tokens. Also, their crypto token creation price is very budget-friendly, the price range starts from $ 3K, the price might be tentative and depends on your business needs.

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I created some tokens on the Binance test network tokens # world credit / symbol world i’m having a problem deploying them also ownership if someone can please help me out My account 0xA901Cf8023D4a644aCC27582232EB70E9222F2e8 This is my wallet on MetaMask I would like to keep them there or if I can display them on the platform I would pay a small fee

I need some help verifying my tokens