Can’t remove liquidity on pancakeswap

Pancakeswap remove liquidity if it stuck. This transaction would fail | Confirm not working
Hi everyone, if this article says that pancakeswap gives you a “This will fail” error, I’ll tell you how to remove the stuck liquidity. The first way is to manually perform this procedure on the bscscan site. Our team has built a system to prevent this from happening so you can automatically remove liquidity. Dex (Decentralized exchange) are difficult to use platforms. It takes a long time to fully specialize in such platforms, and such errors should be considered normal. In addition, one of our users has prepared a step-by-step video for our new members, you can see the link of the video at the end of the article.
First, login to our site using our link, then we’re logging into the “Launchpad” tab on the top right. We link the Web3 wallet to the site and give you our consent. After connecting the wallet, we select the desired pair and click remove. We are completing our transaction with a low fee (max is $0.01) as we operate on the BNB network, and liquidity has been removed. You can watch the proven process at the end of the user video to see if it is successful. Enjoy your stay!