BEP20 Token issues after burn

Dear Team
I have a problem with muy own contract in BEP20

When I buy i have the error 'The transaction cannot succeed due to error: execution reverted: Pancake: K.', and when I want buy says 'The transaction cannot succeed due to error: execution reverted: ds-math-sub-underflow.'.
This occurs after a burn process

Nobody can buy/sell.

And it's strange too because the price seems that move from 0.000000000644529 (in poocoin still correct) to 0.00000000000204249 (appears in pancake) with two more ceros!

I need help please!!

Did you ever find a solution?

any solutions??? we are hjaving the same problem

If that’s is your own token may you try to re provide the LP?

Any idea why this happens? We're dealing with the same problem

Post the contract code here or address of the token, so we can see what could be the problem...

For anyone reading this:

The solution lies in how PancakeSwapPair calculates its own reserves as it attempts to not call balanceOf() too much.

If you attempt to includeInReward() on the dead address that already has a lot of tokens (0x000 or 0x0000dead and the like), it throws a hard error when the suddenly deflated rTokens don't match with what the pancakeSwap pair "remembers" as a user's balance on its own Reserve data structure.

Essentially: Your ERC20 token and the PancakeSwapPair of your token are out of sync. This will of course destroy any attempts to trade your token on pancake, and you'll instead see a barrage of approve() transactions coming through to your smart contract.

Solution: Exclude 0x0 from rewards. Run sync() on the PancakeSwap pair contract. Bob's your uncle.

I lost half a year of life due to stress from this today. Thank you bwaa for bringing this fault to my attention.

Find me on telegram, @dimisfou if you need extra help.

Hi, I am having the same problem. Can someone check if something wrong with contract?

These are all the call functions I have tried from owner wallet

When I try to sell tokens to test it, I am getting this error The transaction cannot succeed due to error: execution reverted: TransferHelper: TRANSFER_FROM_FAILED.