[Bug] - It's unclear what proposals can be approved/executed

When we have a slew of proposals that need to be executed, it's pretty tough to know which order we actually can execute them. I think it would be good to order the proposals by nonce, within the list view from a contract. Or on the main page, when you see multiple proposals, the very top one in the list should be the one with the lowest nonce. We often have to click around on all the proposals and just kinda have to guess which one we can actually execute. Showing the nonce would be good. Or doing the sorting would also work I think.

See the thing below. If I were to click the one that says "2/2 approvals", I would be taken to a screen that says "You can't execute this right now. There are older pending transactions", and then I have to go out and try another one.

My guess is these should be stable sorted by nonce, with the latest nonce being on the top. Then maybe some little styling to signal to show the earliest nonce that hasn't been executed. But easy thing would just be to display the nonce itself, and let us figure it out.

Those are all excellent suggestions @blakewest! We'll work on them as soon as we can