Developer NEEDED BEP20

I would like make a reflection token both buy and sell.

I need a contract with the following mechanics

5% reflection/tax when someone “buys” on Pancakeswap
5% reflection/tax when someone “transfers" to another user

5% reflection/tax when someone “sells” on pancakeswap
5% Burn when someone “sells” on pancakeswap

The “tax” collected from each sale is distributed to all holders.

Contact me pls Telegram @AlexSkywalker21
Bring me the price pls
OR frok a minidoge or dogeback


Hi there,

I could assist you with this.

You can contact me through:

Telegram: @CryptoGeeks07
Skype: live:.cid.9c5a9a88b91e4124

Thanks & Regards,

We are not able to find you with that handle.

Please contact us through telegram: @HiBillHsu, we are a experienced team and can help you with that.

Hi, will chat via your telegram. I create bep20 token.

I can help you with getting the reflection token, I have created a reflection smart contract in the past, please check the GitHub repository:

Telegram: @iambatman008

Contact :- +917708650495,
Mail :-,
Telegram :- ,
Skype :- live:.cid.9c5a9a88b91e4124

Be careful with him. He wasted 2 weeks of my time and I ended up not getting my order. He blew my deadline before the start + 2bnb scammed…