Real world asset fractional ownership advise

Hi all,

I need some advise how to approach the below use case.

Say I have a bunch of real world machinery where each one can be owned by many users. For example, one machine costs 10000 will be divided into 100 fractions and an user can own one to 100 or any number in between.

Now, these ownerships will be handled by me (owner) and no public access will be granted to the smart contract.

Say, I have 10 machines. Do I need a separate smart contract for each one or I can deploy one contract and use different tokenId to represent different machines.

Also, can I mint one token 100 times to represent the frational onwership of that particular token? Or, should I use fungible tokens to represent that?

Can I just mint the nft for a machine (say tokenId 1 with 100 tokens) to my wallet and then transfer to user wallet when they buy?

This is a bit fuzzy and wanted to see the best practices for these types of scenarios.

Happy to clarify more questions as they come.