ERC721 or ERC20

Hey Folks

really having struggling with the decision on which coin

I am creating a dragons den kind of place

where coins are exchanged for fiat/eth which is used for buying property/businesses which then create value in the coin as it is a fractionalized share of the asset

but it also creates income for the coin holder

should I ERC20 or ERC721

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Hi @Jimmyg164. Welcome to the forum!

I didn’t really understand your idea. I’m not familiar with dragons den.

By “asset” are you referring to each property/business? If these assets are bought with ETH or fiat, how are they related to the coin? What determines what asset(s?) each coin is a share of?

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your question “how are they related to the coin? What determines what asset(s?) each coin is a share of?”

if ERC721 then I would be in the variables of the contract

if ERC20 would be a separate ledger

The first question a non-technical person asks but what is the vale of a crypto

A share is a percentage of a company
A dividend is a percentage of the profit

an ERC20 would be a share of the company
an ERC721 would be a share of the individual investment

both are backed by an Asset/business
both make dividends
both have the potential to rise and fall depending on the profit and value of the individual asset

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Hello @Jimmyg164! Welcome to the forum, feel free to introduce yourself in the introductions thread :slight_smile:

I think what @frangio is asking is how the token (let’s call it $COIN from now on) is related to the properties. If I understood correctly, you buy $COIN (from a contract or a seller) by using ETH for example. Then you use $COIN to buy a property (a real one? a digital one?) and this somehow creates value for $COIN?

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Unless I’m misunderstanding, I think you’re wrong here. Each ERC721 token usually represents an entire non-fungible asset, like a game character, not its shares. If you’re thinking of shares then you probably want an ERC20 token, because shares are fungible.

If your system is going to have both digital shares and digital non-fungible assets, then you might want an ERC20 for the former and an ERC721 for the latter.

You might also be interested in looking into ERC1155 which is still being developed (and is not in OpenZeppelin yet), which combines both ERC20 and ERC721 into one.

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Hey Folks,

Thanks for the replies and sorry been busy with my day job…

so say for example

I have 50 projects each requiring investment and investors choose which one they want and will receive return/dividend from their particular project

so 50 projects dividend into shares and I want to sell and track

if I use ERC20 then I would need a separate ledger to track shares but the token would need to be attributed to the whole 50 projects

I see what you are saying about ERC721 being a whole good

not sure

@Jimmyg164 Hey there! May I ask why did you narrow your options to either ERC20 or ERC721?

I think ERC1400 would provide a more robust solution:

Also, why do the coins have to be exchanged for fiat/eth AND THEN buying property/businesses? Couldn’t you just directly tokenize the fraction of the property/business?

PS. Sorry if I misunderstood anything, the idea isn’t 100% clear to me (although I am familiar with dragon’s den)

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Hi @Bleier I suppose I am looking at ERC20 or ERC721 as they are already very commonly used. Using another new standard creates an element of fear

As for the tokenization of the property/ business, they are unknown quantities at the moment until we have the fiat we cannot purchase them.

an ETH has value as people are prepared to buy and sell due to the perceived trust/value/ and to some degree stability.

What I want to do is give my coin a (promise to pay the bearer) value and use them to create a business (money makes money)

but buying things that are fun

We plan to use the revenue to create profit which is distributed to both the investor and those involved in the business we are buying