We'd love to see the Zeppelin community at TruffleCon 2019!

Hey there,

Creator of Truffle here. I’ve long been a fan of Zeppelin. In fact, they’ve always done the security work I always dreamed of doing had I not been heads down on building development tools. The Zeppelin audits and the OpenZeppelin smart contract code are the backbone of smart contract development, and we very much appreciate the work they’re doing.

At Truffle, we’re focused heavily on the essential tooling for smart contract development. Our tools power some of ZOS (not all - Zeppelin has done amazing work here) as well as helped others in the community get their blockchain applications deployed. We’re hosting our second annual conference for blockchain developers, TruffleCon 2019, this August and we’d love for you to be there.

We hope to do much more work with Zeppelin and the Zeppelin community. We’d love to see you at TruffleCon to learn from you and have you participate in discussions on how to make the Truffle suite of development tools better. Any feedback is much appreciated, and in fact, if you’d love to leave that feedback here, I’d love to hear it.

The conference is August 2nd through the 4th at Microsoft’s campus in Redmond, WA, USA. Due to our amazing sponsors, we’ve been able to reduce ticket prices to $99, and make blockchain development more accessible to all.

We’d love to see you there!

Tim Coulter
Founder, Truffle


Hi @tcoulter

Thanks for being awesome. :rocket:

I am a Truffle fan. (I had a fan boy moment when I was sat next to you and the Truffle team at a Day 0 talk at DevCon last year). I use Truffle, truffle-hdwallet-provider and ganache-cli (alongside OpenZeppelin and ZeppelinOS) pretty much every single day.

TruffleCon 2019 sounds great and it is fantastic that the sponsors have enabled the ticket prices to be reduced. Unfortunately it is a long way from Melbourne Australia :australia: for me.

Have an amazing TruffleCon.

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