BEP20 LPtax/HODL rewards/

~First post on OpenZeppelin!

Hello, I have a few questions about bep20's.

So, I am doing a test clone of the bep20 contract from

Binance contract tutorial

Is it possible to add LP tax, Hodl rewards fee, and a vault tax?

lp 1% Hodl rewards 2% Vault 1% (Vault sends some crypto to a separate wallet after transaction, maybe it is called something else)

Hodl rewards to be paid out in test token clone

If anybody understands this a bit more than I do and has time to further my education on the topic please get back to me I would appreciate it. It's quite late as I am typing this because I've been obsessed with figuring it out and educating my self on how to properly code these things my self, and because I would prefer not to make a safemoon clone despite it offering what I need... I'm not 100% sure of safemoon's security, or team, but, if cloning safemoon is ok, and the code is solid I'd do it, I'm just not really sure

So! I would prefer to just modify bep20 and add these my self.

Bump :smiley:
Any info is highly appreciated thank you

Yes bro you can do that