BEP 20 Liquidity Pool for pancakeswap

Hi guys, i need help with this issued. I try to create a BEP20 TOKEN but I confuse about this one. When the pool liquidity is 0.55BNB–the buyer only can buy the token for 0.09BNB, so which mean only 16% of pool liquidity allow to trade. Next, when the pool liquidity increases to 0.64BNB, buyer can swap to 0.11,which mean 1% increase goes to 17%. Next case when the pool liquidity increase to 0.789BNB, buyer can swap to 0.14,which mean 1% increase goes to 18%.Can we change or set the percentage either to increase or decrease?

You cannot control how PancakeSwap allows or handles its trades. It is automated.

The more liquidity you have in the pool the less price impact trading tokens will have, thus allowing more amounts as liquidity increases.

Please read about AMM here