Pancakeswap setting price


I need to set the initial price on pancakeswap and I am not if the price 1BNB : 100000000000 is to low or high if my total amount is 1000000000000000?

What do you think?

Hi, I think this all depends on you, you can set a initial price by adding liquidity, eg: you want to set the initial price is 1BNB : 100,000,000,000, so you can add liquidity by 0.0001 BNB : 10,000,000 or 0.0000001 BNB : 10,000, but the smaller the total capacity, the larger the slippage, so you really need to set a suitable initial price and liquidity.

I have set as example the price 1BNB : 100,000,000,000 and my liquidity pool looks like this:

Then I go back to Exchange and want to try swap 1BNB but not working:

The price impact is to high

My expectation is that a user can easily swap coin up to 10BNB. If I enter the price impact should be under 5% and the coins the investor should receive should be 1BNB for

Do I need to add more liquidity as an example: 10 BNB :

How they can swap 10 BNB worth of tokens if the LP have only 1 BNB worth of tokens?

I just want to know how much I need to set that a user get for 1BNB : with low price impact < 5%?

Looks like you are missing basic notion of how liquidity pool works.

Impact on price depends on how many liquidity there’s on the pool. You can’t set it by default.
Regarding the amount of tokens users will get, is a simple math…but you need the liquidity to make it works.

Yes, thats the reason why I am here and asking.

I’ve checked following site but my math is not enough to understand the workaround

The main problem is that there is not a test environment for full testing. I tried with the test network but the liquidity does not appear, etc.

If I set the initial price I could not find a way to revert it and do it again.