Urgent major security in smart contract need help

Hello All,

I need help urgently and I believe what I found is effecting millions of people. I found a major vernability in Opensea with Nfts and in metamask wallet, uniswap and all other apps.... I need help to remove this bad contract out of my accounts but it seems impossible as the code is just to much for me I would love to get someone help and guidenes am posting here one of the 50 contracts this security issue is and hopefully someone can help. THIS IS URGENT MATTER. i am posting one link and if someone pickup the issue I can provide the full contracts network I have it map!

Contract Source Code Verified (Exact Match)

Contract Name:


Compiler Version


Optimization Enabled:

Yes with 200 runs

Other Settings:

default evmVersion, None license

Contract Source Code (Solidity)

Hello, if you find a vulnerability in a smart contract i strongly suggest trying to exploit it first, and if you succeed trying to contact the projects developpment team about it. As for myself i see nothing wrong with the contract you linked, but obviously i could be missing something.

If you find a security issue you need to reach out privately to the affected project(s).

If you find a security issue in OpenZeppelin Contracts we ask you to submit it to our bug bounty program on Immunefi.