Verify smart contract

Need someone to verify my smart contract at polygonscan will pay $100

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Hi @Cold_property , I can try to help you. If you still need send me a message

hi yes i have deploy my contract but struggling to verify

Hi, I'm one of the lead developers at the Silicon Valley based application development agency Kaizen Apps. We're capable of building De-Fi, Smart Contract, & True IPFS DAPP projects on multiple smart chains to whatever spec you'd like.

I've got a few other blockchain DAPP projects in the queue and I can take care of this smart contract verification by the end of this upcoming week.

I can work both via email and phone.
My contact is

hi pls send me your whatsapp number

You can quickly contact HashEx ( They have 4+ years worth of experience and a good track record.

Sometime ago, they discovered some Vulnerabilities in Safemoon project... Meanwhile those Vulnerabilities were not seen by Certik, who did the initial check.

I DM'd you the number :iphone:

Hi could you help me to verify my contract i'm new in this dont know how to do. Thanks

I need some help deploying from etherscan to my MetaMask Will pay small fee

I deployed from etherscan into my MetaMask some of my donated tokens and I don’t know how to get the value of the coins on my MetaMask but it tells me how many tokens I have just not the value can somebody help me out thank you

Hey! You can contact me on telegram for this!

I just sent you an email to my Telegram


I need help verifying my contract address on BSCSCAN, reply if you can please.