"Address given is not a valid Safe address" for Gnosis safe in Polygon

I created a Gnosis Safe using Defender. But when I try to import that safe in https://gnosis-safe.io, I get an "Address given is not a valid Safe address" error. Doesn't allows me to import the safe in the Gnosis front-end to operate there...

Hi @gnarvaja, Gnosis Safes deployed on Polygon from Defender before December 10th, 2021 are not picked up by the Gnosis UI.

At the time we originally added the ability to deploy Gnosis Safes to Polygon from Defender, there wasn't official support from Gnosis, so we had to deploy instances of their factory contracts. Some time after that, Gnosis did add official factory contracts and started indexing instances created from those.

Since December 10th, 2021, Defender started using the official contract deployments by Gnosis, so Gnosis Safes instances deployed from Defender after that date are properly picked up by the Gnosis UI.

Hope this clarifies the situation!