Is it possible to use a previously created Gnosis Safe with Defender

Do you need to create a Gnosis Safe within Defender to be able to perform admin actions on another contract within Defender using the safe or can you also use a previously created Gnosis Safe from the Gnosis Safe app

I attempted to add the previously created Gnosis Safe as a contract, but it seems like the functionality is different and the option to send funds from the contract is not available.

Hi @attar, it is possible to use a previously created Gnosis Safe to operate on Defender Admin, but as you noticed we are not making the send funds feature available in those cases. We'll add that capability.

In the meantime, if you can share the email address you use with Defender and the addresses of any Safes you added we can take care of making it available to your workspace.

Hope this helps!

Edit: if you don't feel comfortable sharing the requested info here, feel free to send it via

Hi @MartinVerzilli thanks for the helpful response! I'll send over that info privately to the email you provided.

Hi @attar

Can you double check the network when you import it into Defender? It should be Mainnet, but if you selected a different network by accident, it could result in the behaviour you are describing, as the address will not necessarily be a gnosis safe on Rinkeby for example.

Let me know if that does the trick.