Account Abstraction - minting NFT to an user that doesn't have ETH account yet

TLDR: Is account abstraction already baked in, can I start using it Today?

I know Account Abstraction is the "next big thing"

I know Open Zeppelin is providing audits:

I would like to build a platform allowing people to buy tickets:

  • credit card (via Stripe)
  • PayPal
  • crypto (send ETH to the contract)
  • crypto via Coinbase commerce (accepting BTC and other assets)
  • (later) Venmo
  • (later) WeChat

Basically "open for business", any form of money that is practical.

At some point I would like to issue a NFT as a receipt of purchase allowing access to token-gated community.

I was thinking about minting it as the purchase is processed and storing it in "Account Abstraction", later on sending to the actual address.

If you know, if you can, please be my "personal Google", it's a rapidly developing area, kindly appreciating your advice, thank you :pray:

Some of my frens are using and but I still believe there is niche for mine. I have some unique, very handy features in mind. The account abstraction thing and Open Zeppelin - would love to know...

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