Good frontend boilerplate

Hi. I have a buddy that is using OpenZeppelin, in part, to create the backend for an NFT site we are making. I am tasked with creating a front end with React. Does anyone have any good suggestions. All we want is an admin (us) to be able to mint ERC271 NFTS that would display in a gallery to users as available to buy and metamask integration to buy the NFTs and display your inventory instead of the gallery.

Anyone have any good starting point suggestions!? Thanks a bunch


Hi @rocketship,

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You can just create a contract and use existing marketplaces to display your NFTs (such as OpenSea: see Create an NFT and deploy to a public testnet, using Truffle).

You can use OpenZeppelin Defender as an admin interface to mint tokens (or any other admin functions):

I created an NFT recently using Contracts Wizard ( and used OpenZeppelin Defender as the interface to mint, with the tokens displayed on OpenSea.

Regards web3 boilerplate, you could look at: