Mint version of NFT based on another

I have created a dapp using ethereum-boilerplate (and openzeppelin) that mints NFTs, but need help with next steps. This project is for school (I'm a CS student) and is solely for my own learning.

The idea is to be able to remix a food recipe, which would trigger the minting of your own NFT for that variation on the recipe (similar to, but for food). For example, we have basic starters like chicken noodle soup or stir fry, and users could modify ingredients and instructions of those to mint their own. I am in the initial stages of thinking this through - how to pull all of the existing "base" recipes from the blockchain to display, what should be done on chain vs. off, and how to mint an NFT based on an existing one.

I was wondering if anyone has advice for these aspects of the project.

Thanks in advance!