Would like to hire someone to write an NFT Marketplace smart contract [Paid job]

Hi, is there anyone here who would be willing to help me write a smart contract for an NFT marketplace with the following functionality. This would be a paid job.

  1. Lazy Minting
  2. Royalty fees to be paid out to original creator everytime the NFT sells
  3. A one-time 2.5% Commission payment to the NFT marketplace, and another one-time x% commission to an external wallet

I just read your job posting and am very interested in it.
As a blockchain developer, I have practical experience with developing NFT marketplace. and launched two NFT marketplaces successfully before.
Here are my proejcts.


I used React(typescript), web3, moralis api, solidity in the development.

My hourly rate 50 usd. I can work full time.

Let's work together. we will go to the moon successfully.
Telegram id: @skyhdev


I can implement lazy minting, list nft in the market for free, create collection, create nft, timed auction, etc..
I would like to discuss in more detail on telegram.

I got that smart contract ready, message me on telegram @blackluv10 with your requirements so I can add lazy minting which is actually remaining

Hello ,
I'am interested with your job posting, i am a smart contract developer , i has developed an nft marketplace .

We can help you on this

We can help you on this

Make sure you don't get handed a clone, if your looking at a proper system. You want to be thinking somewhere over 80,000 USD. You also want some sort of security / insurance involved in the ongoing management of that market place. What you do not want to do is end up with a hackable clone, a non proxied / upgradable contract, that is just going to join the rest of them which is highly likely.

You need to seriously consider a provider and I would hesitate at 3rd party APIs or any integrated platform between you and your selected chain that is not in your control.

Ultimately you don't want to be asking on this forum, you want to go and follow the Admin in this forum that sit on another forum above this, within there it would be a bit wiser to source help.

Hope that helps

All features available... And it would undergo extensive testing per your choice