NFT Staking Smart Contract - Paid Services


I am looking developer to hire and help me with NFT staking Smart Contract .
I am already deployed SC Token A and NFT Staking with 1 2 3 4 5 Collections

The Features for NFT Staking SC

  • APR 0.5-1.5% daily base on Token ID and Rarity (read from json/trait?)

  • Can Stake and Unstake anytime

  • Each NFT represent 20K token (can change anytime) NFT 1 = 20,000 Token min

  • Reward in Token A

  • Reward by Hourly or Daily

  • Bonus % who stake more than 30 days , 60 days and 190 days

  • Please pm/dm me with services or price

  • Example your previous projects
    thanks :slight_smile:

Hey man! Sounds like something intresting to create! If you still need help with it you can contact me on telegram: @solidityx