Smart Contract Builder

Hello everyone,

I have created an all in one solution that will build a contract on the parameters you provide. It will compile, deploy and verify it all done through the browser.

Currently, it is running on rinkeby as I want to ensure I get some feedback, make adjustments and perfect it prior to allowing its use on the mainnet.

Any constructive critiscm is much appreciated!

5% royalties seems a bit much, especially for a few parameter changes. realistically most projects would be better off hiring a freelancer, but if you find people using it, more power to you

That is a fair observation. What would you consider a good realistic royalty?

I do freelance work and get offered percentages all the time as most people don't want to put the upfront money to pay a dev but rather give them a percentage from the mints.

based on your experience I guess 5% (or whatever people usually are willing to pay) might not be bad after all. for non tech savy people that just want to launch NFTs quickly without upfront cost, I can see the appeal

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Yes, that is mainly the demographic that I am chasing with this product.

People that either have a hard time with smart contracts or have zero coding experience

Recently added WL (merkleroot) support and option for mainnet!

Also replaced the 5% residual to be a flat 0.1 eth fee :muscle:t4:

The field for the mint account does not correctly paste the address and appears like this:

Do you charge this commission for each sale of NFTs?

You are suppose to enter the amount and it will mint directly to the deploying wallet.

So team mint takes the amount of nfts you want minted.

It used to be 5% of each nft but now its a one time deployment fee of 0.1 eth

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I don't know how that 5% placed in the mint function would have worked for you before. Since generally, sales of NFTs are done with a crowdsale type contract intermediary.

If you do not create a specific selling function for NFTs the mint function cannot have any rate. Since in that case the owners would not be able to mint anything.

There is a mint function and a withdrawal function for the owner. You can see the contract on rinkeby before going on main net . The 5% would’ve been taken from the withdraw function after they finished minting them all

Aha, you only get paid if the contract accumulates native tokens.
However, there has to be a selling function in the NFTs contract. This does not come by default in the standard.

It has a selling mint function that requires eth from whoever is calling it and that eth amount is set as one of the parameters before you deploy.

You can test it on rinkeby lol it will verify the contract

I tried making a simple contract but it did not verify. Don't worry. I think your option to charge 0.1 is more viable than the percentage. I just wanted to know how you charged that 5%. Now you explained to me that you did it with a selling function you created for it. All understood.

Awesome, i will have to add the option for people to add their own etherscan api key to verify because mine has a limit and it will not verify if multiple people are using it + i am testing features on top

Yes, that's the problem. Unless you have a special API for it. The option of asking the user for the api seems to me to be an efficient solution.

Shouldn't take too long to implement