Smart Contract Builder

Hello everyone,

I have created an all in one solution that will build a contract on the parameters you provide. It will compile, deploy and verify it all done through the browser.

Currently, it is running on rinkeby as I want to ensure I get some feedback, make adjustments and perfect it prior to allowing its use on the mainnet.

Any constructive critiscm is much appreciated!

5% royalties seems a bit much, especially for a few parameter changes. realistically most projects would be better off hiring a freelancer, but if you find people using it, more power to you

That is a fair observation. What would you consider a good realistic royalty?

I do freelance work and get offered percentages all the time as most people don't want to put the upfront money to pay a dev but rather give them a percentage from the mints.

based on your experience I guess 5% (or whatever people usually are willing to pay) might not be bad after all. for non tech savy people that just want to launch NFTs quickly without upfront cost, I can see the appeal

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Yes, that is mainly the demographic that I am chasing with this product.

People that either have a hard time with smart contracts or have zero coding experience