Wizard + Remix + Ethereum combination needs improvement

Originally reported here: https://twitter.com/chrishobcroft/status/1408042536933920768

Having issue w/ @OpenZeppelin+@EthereumRemix+@etherscan

To reproduce:

  1. Make contract in wizard
  2. Open in Remix, deploy to Injected Web3
  3. Verify using Etherscan plugin (API key installed)
  4. Contract / Read / Write not showing at rinkeby.etherscan

Am I expecting too much?


Reposting my reply from Twitter in case someone else can find it useful.

The contract is not actually verified. In the Etherscan plugin on Remix, next to the home button you’ll find a list of “receipts” with verification status, you will see it failed.

We recommend a different approach to verifying Remix-deployed contracts: