Use plugin in the Remix to verify contract

In this article, I will show how to use the plugin in the Remix to verify contracts automatically. It is simpler and more convenient, so now follow me to have a look how to do this.

Deploy your contracts:

I assume that you already know how to use the Remix to deploy your contracts, if you really do not know how to do this, I think you can have a look at this tutorial: Create an ERC20 using Remix, without writing Solidity - Smart Contracts / Guides and Tutorials

Verify contracts

Once you have deployed you contracts via the Remix, you can also use the plugin in it to verify contracts.

Firstly, click the Plugin manager on the left side of the page, then find the plugin Etherscan - Contract verification in the Inactive Modules and click the button Activate to use it, just like:

屏幕快照 2021-12-28 15.36.06

Then the plugin Etherscan - Contract verification will show at the left side of the page, click it and you will find a blank input box, you need to fill in the Etherscan API Key, and then click the button to save the API key like following:

2021-12-28 15.38.57

The last step, choose the contract you want to verify, if your contract has constructor arguments, you can use this tool: tp encode the arguments, and then specify the contract address, ok, now, just click the button Verify Contract like following:

2021-12-28 15.43.29

Ok, you need to wait for a moment to verify your contracts, and if everything goes well, you contract will be verified like following:

Hey if I want to verify on bscscan then ?

I think it does not support BSC at now, you can have a try, but I really recommend to use tools, such as hardhat or truffle to deploy contract and then verify contracts.

Hey so followed the instructions and getting this message
"Contract verified correctly Receipt GUID k1qaffxkhzean7y25pgfpslf5kjan2tfhlsjphsqu8auveneun"
but refreshing the etherscan and contract is still not verified, am i doing something wrong here?

Hi, welcome to the community! :wave:

Maybe it needs some time, how about now?

Can you please tell me where to get the "contract address" from? Sorry for my English

Hi, welcome to the community!

I think you can get the deployed contract address by the etherscan.