Unable to verify smart contract from remix deployment

HI Experts.

i have issue with contract verification .

Anyway it has its own story.
If i deploy the contract using hardhat , i can verify easily and successfully.
but i don't like the private key input part , so i use remix ide to deploy and want to verify using hardhat (multiple file).

i use the same command as hardhat before but it won't work and fail.
the command i use in hardhat " npx hardhat verify --network rinkeby 0x50b7ff2F0ADB9D7093C50AeD9B13A14284f403a7 "setBaseURI" "setNotRevealedURI"

This is my constructor
string memory _initBaseURI,
string memory _initNotRevealedUri
) ERC721("jjddkd", "jj") {

pls help

Tryna verify your contract manually