Will Defender Autotask work after the eth 2.0 merge?

Will Defender be able to trigger a contract post-merge and will it trigger both old (POW) and new (POS) chains?

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Hey @Michelin,

Defender Autotask is just a runtime environment that doesn't depend on the consensus model of any of the supported chains, however, it can be triggered by a Sentinel or it can execute a Relayer transaction. In which cases:

  1. For sentinels, we're working on supporting the new safe and finalized tags that are being added to new PoS JSON-RPC client, so you can select between a confirmation height or one of these tags according to the chain
  2. For Relayers, the current resubmission and monitoring flow doesn't depend on these new tags, but we're also working on using them as a way to flag transactions as finalized on our end, but the service shouldn't be disrupted at all

Hope this answers your questions